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Career Counseling As Lifework Clarity

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Career Counselor Beth Arnold defines career as lifework-- the essential work you cannot help but do even when no one is formally recognizing the value of your efforts.  Lifework goes way beyond any salaried work you may have had, have now or plan to have in the future.  Lifework engages your heart as well as your mind.

Finding our lifework involves defining challenges we love to address.  It also involves naming tasks that we would prefer other people do.  How great is it that there are people who intrinsically enjoy the challenges that fill us with boredom or dread.  And we can happily do what they would prefer to avoid.  For example, some people particularly enjoy designing new procedures for accomplishing a task, while others most enjoy following established routines. 

When we are engaged in lifework we are spending the heart of our time doing work that is uniquely meaningful to us.  Beth can help you find the phrases to describe what most deeply drives you to do your best work.  Being able to describe those drivers will help you discover and make the meaningful career change you may be yearning for.

Beth will collaborate with you to weave together a career story that provides ample evidence of the value you can bring to a desirable job opportunity over and above the job title.  The story may include challenges successfully addressed outside of defined job tasks or even outside of the formal workplace. 

Your story will translate well into a compelling resume, cover letter, college application essay or business proposal.  If you are retired and looking for an encore career, your career story will help you find a career or service niche that will ask you for the best of your lifework mastery to date.

With the confidence you build from creating your unique career story, you can largely forget job postings!  Instead, you will learn to use the planned happenstance approach first to find your next job.  Planned happenstance is a career exploration strategy that involves inventing engaging ways to show up in strategic places just to see what happens. 

This strategy often uncovers much more interesting work than job postings offer.  Planned happenstance also creates the potential to negotiate for positions that focus on your best strengths.