This is how career counseling works when you work with Austin Career Counselor Elizabeth S. (Beth) Arnold, Licensed Professional Counselor.

You will see progress when you commit to being actively engaged in the career transition process.  Much of the work takes place between appointments, working step-by-step through actions customized for you according to your personal preferences.

If you are feeling lost about career direction, there are no easy answers.  For example, career inventory results suggest phrasing from which to develop ideal roles, work environments and fields, but only the information that resonates with your personal truth is valuable to you.  Determining your personal truth requires deep discussion, experimentation, network building and reality-testing.

Doing the work leads to clarity.  Clarity brings new opportunities into reach.  Clients often tell Beth that a desirable, unexpected opportunity came along shortly after they reached clarity about what they were looking for.  They instantly recognized the opportunity because it offered challenges they were specifically seeking and the chance to show the value they could bring to the endeavor.

Please note:  Beth does not do job placement.  If you are looking for help in obtaining a similar or higher-level job with the same characteristics as a current or recent job, please contact a recruiter (sometimes referred to as a head hunter).

Comments from Clients:

About Austin Career Counselor Elizabeth S. (Beth) Arnold, LPC

"She had the skills to know more about me than I even knew.  Very good people reader, I liked the fact that even though I can't necessarily always relay the message that I want to relay, she can understand what I am talking about and further dissect it."

Beth "made me feel comfortable to speak freely and I felt that she was really interested in looking at what I actually had to say, not trying to get me out of her office so she could get to the next appointment."

She was "very helpful and knew exactly what I needed.  Se was clear and helped me better understand what steps I needed to take [for career].  She also helped me realize that there were certain steps that could be taken to help my general situation."

"I think the most surprising/novel thing I learned was about effective ways to pursue a career in a particular profession, i.e, by interviewing people in the profession and building up a network.  That actually changed my perspective on how to go about looking for career paths.  The other main helpful thing was nudging me towards thinking about my current career choices in terms of a bigger picture and longer term goals."

"The session I had today was more helpful than any advice I had gotten, possibly ever...It was reassuring to hear that I was not the only one in this situation."

"She really made me feel comfortable, and she was very easy to approach.  She also gave insightful information and made me realize positive things I should have been keeping in mind to begin with as far as planning for my major.  [She had the] ability to really help me realize that I should be majoring in something I really like because there are in fact job opportunities out there available for those interests I have."

"Being able to hear what another professional was thinking of my situation helped open my thinking to other possibilities."

"I liked having someone say, 'This is what I am hearing from you'.  Sometimes it is hard to organize all your own thoughts and it's nice to have an impartial party to share their interpretation of yours."

"She brought together many things I voiced a concern about."

"She understood my reasons for not wanting to continue on my current path, and she understood the unique situation of PhD. students."

"The mock interview conducted by Ms. Arnold was specially helpful in training me to think of additional ways to approach the interviewer's questions.  She also provided feedback during and after the interview to help me evaluate my responses."

"Beth is an outstanding counselor.  She helped tremendously in my preparation to write my Statement of Purpose."

To Beth

"I want to thank you so much throughout this process for being the person [with whom] I could always talk about what I was going through..."

"You are such a bright light in my story.  You helped me through some of my darkest days..."

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