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Hi, I'm Beth Arnold, Licensed Professional Counselor.

I have specialized in Career and Life Coaching and Counseling for over 20 years. Based in Austin Texas, I offer virtual appointments with clients throughout the state of Texas.


If you live in Texas, call for a free 20-minute consult to find out how this approach to career and life coaching and counseling can transform your work, your relationships and your self-understanding:


(512) 633-5474

Welcome to Lifework Clarity

Working primarily with the Enneagram, I help clients uncover unconscious drives holding them back from accomplishing their lifework. Lifework is a person's deep inner drive to serve the world with their unique gifts and talents.

Join Me as We Take a Deep Dive Into the Enneagram Experience 

​​The work also involves deepening relationships, particularly the relationship with the self.  Successful clients engage in the work with discipline and commitment.

Learning to see and compassionately manage habitual personality patterns frees clients to recognize and activate their inner wisdom.  Clients begin to experience life in a richer, deeper way.  The world benefits from their unique offerings of connection and service. 

Austin Texas

Career and Life

Coach and Counselor 

​​-Enjoy More Satisfying Work

-Cultivate More Satisfying Relationships

-Experience Transformative Personal Growth