Hi, I'm Beth Arnold, Licensed Professional Counselor,

specializing in

Career Counseling for over 15 years.

I can help you...

Parents, Students, Career Seekers, Career Returners, Career Changers and Retirees

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Lifework Clarity Career Counseling


Austin Career Counseling, Coaching, Burnout Relief

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...Plan and activate strategies to address boredom and job stress and provide burnout relief in your current job

...Create a compelling career story that shows how you can provide value in a new or different career field

...Identify and explore career opportunities that align with your deepest values and sense of purpose

...Explore the advantages and disadvantages of

  • College or Grad School
  • Military or International Service
  • Training or Credentialing Programs
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Internships

...Work systematically on upward mobility in your chosen career

  • Develop strategies for overcoming obstacles
  • Create opportunities to showcase your increasing value as it relates to the "bottom line"

...Build confidence in your ability to describe unique strengths you bring to a desirable job opportunity and effective ways you will address any anticipated challenges

...Ensure that your resume reflects the most essential parts of your career story without the "noise"-- those job tasks you would like to minimize in your next career move