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Austin Career Counselor Beth Arnold, LPC offers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory assessments to clients starting or restarting career.  These are powerful tools that complement counseling and coaching.

Beth provides counseling and coaching using Myers-Briggs Step 2 and Strong Interest Inventory Assessments to help career seekers:

  • snag that first job in their field
  • look for a career that provides greater joy and meaning
  • recover after job loss
  • return to the workforce after a divorce or an absence to care for family
  • return to civilian life after a career in the military
  • seek an encore career after retirement--part-time or full-time, self-employment or volunteer work

Wondering what kind of work you will truly enjoy?  Who will want to hire you?  What further training might you need?  How do you get started?

Beth can help you:

  • understand your unique combination of interests and strengths
  • identify appealing careers that emphasize those interests and strengths
  • learn about career possibilities you may not have considered before
  • build confidence about what direction to take
  • address and resolve obstacles blocking your movement forward
  • use proven strategies to focus your job search
  • identify training and educational opportunities that could benefit your career
  • develop a plan to attain your career goals

 Starting or Restarting Career

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