Burnout Relief

If you are experiencing burnout, but you are committed to remaining in your current job situation because of personal or family needs or because the job helps address other important life goals, consider the Burnout Relief Service Package:

  • Initial counseling session (1 clinical hour) to discuss the work and life issues of concern
  • The "deep dive" Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step II Interpretive Report (includes Step I results) 
  • One extended interpretation session (2 clinical hours) to customize the results to your life and work needs

Investment $490 

Convenience option:  Pay as you go in 2 installments

The Customized Career Interpretation Service Package includes:

  • An initial counseling session (one clinical hour) to discuss life experiences and career dreams, along with current challenges and concerns

  • Four (4) in-depth assessments and detailed reports, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step II Interpretive Report (includes Step I results), the Strong Interest Inventory Profile (specialized version for high school and college students), and the Myers-Briggs/Strong Interest Inventory Combined Career Report

  • Two extended interpretation sessions (2 clinical hours each, 4 clinical hours total) to specifically address your needs and concerns as determined in the initial consultation.  Parents of high school students may sit in during these interpretation sessions if the student and the family so desire

Investment $749

Convenience option: Pay as you go in 3 installments

Career Assessment Interpretations Customized to Your Needs

Beth provides in-depth, customized interpretations of career assessments suited to the client's i specific needs.

The results of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Steps I and II, the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) and the MBTI/SII Combined Career Report suggest potentially ideal career roles, work environments and fields.  Beth works with you to validate and customize these results by engaging in deep discussions that reach into your personal life experiences. 

At the same time, these discussions also use the results to help define the essential work (lifework) that deeply engages you regardless of formal roles, work (or academic) environments or fields.

Through this intensive interpretation experience you begin to create your unique career story. Your story becomes rich with evidence that demonstrates how you will address challenges of interest to potential employers who offer appealing work. 

The development of your story also helps you gain confidence and clarity when deciding on an academic or career direction, changing career directions or developing a strategy for returning to the workplace after an absence. 

Learn more about the career assessments and about how Beth uses them to work with people facing academic and career issues across the lifespan by clicking below:


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Career Counseling and Coaching Services

Austin Texas Career Counselor Beth Arnold, LPC provides a variety of career counseling and coaching services at $135 per clinical hour (50 minutes), prorated for extended sessions. 

For a full description of the kinds of counseling and coaching help Beth provides, click below:


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