Sand tray for burnout relief is a playful mindfulness technique that provides an option or complement to assessments and other counseling tools at Lifework Clarity Career Counseling. The opportunity to work in a sand tray with miniatures intuitively chosen on a non-verbal level engenders the state of mindfulness defined by Jon Kabat-Zinn:  "the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally, to the unfolding of experience moment by moment."

Along with mindfulness, sand tray also draws from the fields of humanistic therapy, play therapy, Jungian psychotherapy, and sandplay. For example, sandplay brings to life a basic concept from Jungian psychotherapy.  Dr. Jung developed a concept called the collective unconscious--a world of images and symbols imprinted on the human unconscious that transcends culture and history.  This is the inner world we draw from when we engage in sand tray.

Sand tray uses three-dimensional figures chosen to represent aspects of universal human experience.  We are drawn to and choose the figures that represent significant aspects of our unconscious inner world.  They may represent long-standing obstacles blocking movement forward in our lives along with solutions to those obstacles, all of which lie below conscious thought.

We arrange these figures in a safe container (the sand tray) in the presence of a witness who is trained to be quietly supportive and nonjudgmental.  We have permission to play like a child-- children instinctively engage in creating fantasy worlds to resolve existential fears.  As adults we sometimes experience this process in dreams. Our first sand tray typically reveals the interplay of challenges we are facing in our current situation. Subsequent sand trays go deeper to uncover inner strengths and potential solutions.

In sand tray we reconnect with our childlike understanding.  For example, when needed we can choose to use figures from the darker realms of our unconscious to help us work through long-standing fears and hurts and regain our resilience.  We are then empowered to change what no longer works about job or career.

Sand tray is typically a quiet process, yet deeply playful. It reaches back into our essential nature before the many layers of roles, expectations, and obligations built up over the years (throughout our responsible adult life) and began to hide who we really are and are meant to be.

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Sand Tray for Burnout Relief

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