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From Just Getting By to Going Somewhere: Making High School Matter

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Austin Career Assessments And Guidance For High School Students

Lifework Clarity Career Counseling

Austin Career Counselor Beth Arnold, LPC, provides career assessments and guidance to high school students and their parents.

Parents, are you concerned that your teenager is losing motivation to excel in school or is feeling overly stressed about the future?

Neuroscientists tell us that teenagers' brains are still "under construction" when it comes to making a consistent connection between current actions and future consequences.  This natural stage of development can raise frustrations between parents and students when it comes to career planning.  Today the vast and confusing array of career choices and the apparent implications of making the wrong choices create anxiety and can paralyze decision-making.  Career assessments designed for high school students and career guidance customized to serve the unique needs of the individual student can reduce stress and reinvigorate curiosity and learning.

High school counselors are limited in the help they can provide.  A 2014 memorandum signed jointly by the U.S Departments of Education, Labor and Health and Human Services noted that the effectiveness of career planning services offered by high school counselors is hampered for three reasons:

  1. "Ratio of school counselors to students-- Most schools have few school counselors and those few work with large numbers of students.  There is insufficient time and resources for the school counselors to meet regularly with students to help them make informed educations choices that align with their career aspirations or to track student progress consistently.
  2. "Multiple Roles-- School counselors' roles focus primarily on issues impacting academic achievement, leaving less time for career planning and counseling.
  3. "Current job market information--In some instances school counselors and other personnel may not have access to the latest information on current job trends and requirements.  This could limit student' abilities to make informed decisions about educational and training opportunities to further their career aspirations.  It could also limit their ability to find unpaid and paid internships, cooperative placements, and/or summer or year-round jobs that enable them to develop critical workforce readiness skills."

Beth can provide the customized career planning assistance your student needs.  She helps students:

  • understand how their unique combination of interests and strengths connect with potential career paths
  • explore new academic and career possibilities not previously considered
  • see how favorite classes and enjoyable activities connect with career and the world of work in unexpected ways

Beth guides students through the process of identifying their natural preferences related to interests, skills, personality and values.  She helps them explore how those preferences have played out in their lives so far, as well as how they may play out after high school and into career. Her guidance helps students:

  • gain inspiration to take challenging classes as the means to a worthwhile end
  • increase motivation to improve grades overall so they can keep training, higher education and career options open
  • choose volunteer, internship, training, higher education or career opportunities that offer a high likelihood of enjoyment and stimulation because they appeal to students' natural preferences