Austin Texas Master Career Counselor Beth Arnold, LPC, offers a wide range of career counseling and coaching services addressing family obligations and current job, need for more meaningful work, developing a marketable career story, and a variety of other topics.

Work and Life Integration.  Is it your on-going experience that you are compromising your career dreams because of family obligations or that personal relationships are suffering because of overwhelming career demands?  Beth can help you explore ways to integrate opportunities at work, within family and in the community to reduce stress and instill your life with greater meaning. 

Activation of An Unfulfilled Career Dream.  Beth can help you determine the steps to get the experience or the credentials needed for the career change. She can help you customize your resume, cover letters and interviewing vignettes.  She can help you gain the confidence to convince potential employers that your skills transfer into the dream career.

Finding Work That will Allow You to Thrive.  It all begins with identifying your natural preferences and linking them to your unique career story.  Career assessments can help identify ideal roles, work settings and fields, but the results must be integrated into your personal story.  Once you are comfortable with sharing your career story you can learn time-proven strategies that will lead you to career opportunities that play to your strengths.

Career Counseling and Coaching Services Customized to Your Needs:

  • Formulating your unique, integrated career story
  • Building confidence in the telling of your career story through mock interviews
  • Thematically reconstructing your resume and cover letter to better demonstrate the unique value you offer when addressing challenges in the workplace
  • Negotiating for better career opportunities within the current work situation
  • Choosing among competing career opportunities
  • Identifying obstacles/distractions to career progression
  • Deciding among higher education options
  • Considering alternatives to traditional college
  • Identifying appropriate themes from your life story for personal essays required for academic and internship applications
  • Incorporating career transition costs into divorce settlements
  • Exploring how family of origin issues may be influencing current perceptions of career succes
  • Planning job search strategies to land the kind of work you most want to do
  • Overcoming burnout (your choice of approaches: "talk" therapy, MBTI,  sandtray mindfulness)

Austin Career Counseling and Coaching Services

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