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Connecting the Dots:  College to Career

Career Assessments and Guidance for College Students in Austin

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Austin Career Counselor Beth Arnold, LPC, provides career assessments and guidance to college students and their parents regarding choice of major, cost effectiveness of different higher education and training options, and other questions about overall career direction.

Students, are you college-bound and overwhelmed or already in college and feeling lost?  Are you considering other career options besides college?

If you are feeling unsure about the connection between classes, college majors, and career, Austin Texas Master Career Counselor Beth Arnold, LPC offers career assessments and guidance to help you:

  • build confidence about what direction to take
  • understand your unique combination of interests and strengths
  • identify appealing careers that emphasize those interests and strengths
  • see how favorite classes and activities you enjoy connect with career and the world of work in unexpected ways
  • learn about career possibilities you may not have considered before

Aspiring and current college students, learn how applying your natural preferences related to personality, skills, interests and values can lead to success and satisfaction in college and the world of work.  Use this knowledge to clarify career direction, reduce frustration, and avoid expensive mistakes.

  • Simplify the process of choosing a major.
  • Reduce the changes of costly graduation delays.
  • Know how you will use your education after graduation.
  • Discover other training, education and career opportunities that do not require the tradition college or graduate school path.