Austin Texas Master Career Counselor Beth Arnold, LPC, offers sufferers of job stress and career burnout relief and ways to get unstuck through personality assessment and a mindfulness technique called sand tray.

Are you feeling bored and restless at work?  Putting in the hours for the paycheck and little else?  Is daily work stress taking its toll on your family, your friends, or your own health and well being?

If you recognize yourself in these questions, your daily work may be blocking your from your lifework and causing burnout.  Lifework describes the activities we engage in naturally, whether we are rewarded or not, because they bring joy and meaning into our lives.  Being blocked from using your natural gifts in your daily work is dangerous.  It can compromise your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The good news is that you may not need a radical career change to experience burnout relief.  Career is comprised of roles, work settings, and fields.  Shift any of those things, even in a small way, and a whole new world may open up, bringing burnout relief.  Beth can help you identify your personal strengths and ways to leverage your experiences to uncover resilience and meaningful lifework within your current work situation.

It can be a struggle to find the words to precisely describe the innate strengths we offer to the world of work.  Beth uses the results from a personality assessment called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Steps I and II and deep discussion to help you recognize those strengths, along with the motivators and stress reactions you are likely to encounter in your work because of your natural preferences.  Using the knowledge gained from this self-assessment process, Beth helps you think about ways to advocate for simple work adjustments that will improve your productivity and morale.  For more information about the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, click the button below:

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Burnout Relief

Sometimes a playful, nonverbal approach to burnout relief offers an engaging alternative to "talk therapy".  If you enjoy intuitive, creative approaches to resolve life challenges, such as burnout, you may enjoy the healing experience of sand tray mindfulness technique.  Learn more about this process by clicking below: