​​​​   Burnout Relief

If your daily work stress is taking its toll on friends and loved ones or your own well-being, you may be experiencing burnout--a condition that compromises physical, emotional and spiritual health.  The good news is that you may not need a radical career change to overcome burnout. Let's talk!

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Parents, Students, Career Seekers, Career Returners, Career Changers and Retirees

Hi, I'm Elizabeth S. (Beth) Arnold, LPC, NCC, 
NCDA Master Career Counselor. I love helping people discover their lifework, which is the work we engage in naturally whether we are compensated for it or not. When we can recognize and use our natural gifts, our work feels deeply satisfying, often hardly like work at all!


Students:  envision your future with clearer focus

Career seekers: learn how to find engaging work

Career returners: rebuild confidence after an absence from the workforce

Career changers: forge a path to more meaningful work

Retirees: consider encore careers

Recognize your unique value to the world of work and explore sustainable, satisfying work options with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, (MBTI) Step II (a deep dive) and the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) paired with the MBTI/SII Combined Career Report.  

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Lifework Clarity Career Counseling
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